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Suzy Perry, a lovely, accomplished older woman, has married into a new family in Westchester County, NY, after being widowed not long before in Atlanta.

Her new husband, Dean Perry, is besotted with her, but his son, Alex, and daughter-in-law Lisa are troubled by how little they know about her.

Who is she? Little by little, clues and tidbits of information persuade Alex that he needs to know more. As the questions pile up, Alex, a journalist, elects to hire a private detective to probe Suzy's past, without informing his father.

Over time, it becomes clear that Suzy changed her name when she moved to Atlanta - and that she had been married for many years to a car dealer in Missouri who died suddenly shortly before she left.

Is all this innocent, or something more sinister? Once circumstantial, the evidence becomes more concrete - and then Suzy is on the run.

Link to a downloadable chapter: https://www.undetmar.com/excerpt.php
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About the Author

Jeffrey Marshall is a retired journalist, poet and writer living in Scottsdale, AZ. He is the author of four books, including the novels "Undetected" (2019) and "Little Miss Sure Shot" (2014). He also wrote a business book on community reinvestment (1991) and a volume of collected poems, "River Ice" (2009). Marshall grew up in Connecticut but spent most of his professional life working in New York and New Jersey (hey, don't knock New Jersey!).

The bulk of his career was spent in business journalism, and included chief editor posts at two national business magazines; he was also, at various times, a feature writer, columnist and book reviewer. He also freelanced widely for magazines and newspapers, appearing in The New York Times and New Jersey Monthly, among many others.

Most of his writing now is on environmental subjects, and he serves on two national boards of Trout Unlimited, the coldwater conservation group, and formerly served on the board of a local land trust in the Phoenix area. Marshall has a bachelor's degree in history from Princeton and a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern.

Interests include tennis, golf, hiking, movies, finding new restaurants and travel. He's stayed in or traveled through all 50 states - sometimes passing through was enough! He and his wife, Judy, have two rambunctious dogs, Maggie and Blaze.

Featured Reviews

“The book starts strongly, with Suzy on the run and past events revealed at a good pace… Lively conversation and playful descriptions… An above-par thriller hitting the sweet spot between sympathy and repulsion for a probable killer.”

 - Kirkus Reviews


“This is so different from other thrillers I’ve read, and it was so easy to get lost in the story.” 
- NetGalley reviewer


“The beginning of the book is utterly absorbing, and I was quickly drawn into the story…”
- NetGalley reviewer


“I will certainly be on the lookout for more books by this gifted author, as I enjoyed this page-turner of a book immensely. This is the ideal book if you’re in the mood for a solid suspense novel to while away the weekend…  the book's cinematic appeal is undeniable. I hope there's a sequel.”      
- Online BookClub professional reviewer


"I fell right into the characters and the world they inhibit. The premise of the novel is imaginative, compelling, and commercially appealing."
- NYC literary agent


“His strong and interesting characters maintained my interest right from the start. His story was compelling and addictive; I found myself more engaged with the characters than I have been in other thrillers… “Undetected” was an excellent, suspenseful story – an addictive read which I devoured in just two days... This captivating psychological thriller would suit those who enjoy such authors as V. C. Andrews and Mary Higgins Clark. Though a little low-key compared to some other thrillers, it was, nonetheless, a fascinating and gripping read.”

- Online BookClub professional reviewer 

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